Hillbilly Elegy. The Most Overwrought Film of 2020.

Occasionally a film starts building up infamy in critical circles from the second it is released. Initially, Ron Howard’s latest project for Netflix looked like it was gunning for a major award season slot. Then critics started seeing it in earnest. The news that it was a potentially embarrassing disaster came down the pipeline. ThisContinue reading “Hillbilly Elegy. The Most Overwrought Film of 2020.”

Swallow. Movie Review

Sometimes initial premise will be just weird enough to get viewers in the door regardless of the final product. Swallow the debut feature by Carlo Mirabella-Davis is a case example. Haley Bennett plays a   young housewife who one day discover she has an affinity for swallowing household objects. There’s more going from a plot perspective butContinue reading “Swallow. Movie Review”