Thoughts on The Whale

There are probably far more articulate writers than this one with thoughts on this wildly divisive but successful A24. awards best play. How much of this relates to the ongoing Brandon Fraser Hollywood redemption arc and what percentage is related to the positive or negative merits of the piece itself remains to be seen. Nevertheless,Continue reading “Thoughts on The Whale”

Lockdown Streaming Review. #17 Homecoming. Season Two. (Amazon.)

Season One of Amazons Homecoming was the thing that solidified director Sam Esmail as more than just a one show wonder. The writing and mystery elements along with the central performances from Julia Roberts and Stephen James were strong but it was Esmails confident and experimental  direction there really made that season leap off the screen and for my money it wasContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Review. #17 Homecoming. Season Two. (Amazon.)”