DC League of Super Pets. Why?

The thought Of initially covering this very kid-centric animated feature didn’t seem too appetizing. Just look at any of the trailers or general marketing campaign. It’s exactly what viewers think it is. The sort of targeted at the very young animation with enough mildly amusing moments and DC references in hope that adults don’t seeContinue reading “DC League of Super Pets. Why?”

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Review.

Some theatrical animation fans may question what DreamWorks Animation has been doing since their theatrical output has slowed to a trickle from what felt like a flood. While the feature film side of the company has been a lot less prolific DreamWorks Television Animation has been incredibly busy. The television subdivision has essentially turned intoContinue reading “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Review.”

How to Build a Girl. The Worst Film of 2020.

In the age of streaming it is never a good sign when distributors haven’t bothered to take the original studio logos (in this case Lionsgate) of what has been sold as a streaming “original.” This is the case with How to Build a Girl A completely rancid self-insert autobiographical “comedy” penned by British journalist Caitlin Moran Continue reading “How to Build a Girl. The Worst Film of 2020.”

The Good Place. Series Finale. “Whenever Your Ready.” Review + Retrospective.

Note. This is a full spoilers review/recap I have an odd relationship with The Good Place. The first two seasons I absolutely adore. Incredibly tight plotting combined with great writing,fantastic characters and performances made for some of the best TV comedy of recent years. Then Season 3 happened. Season 3 has any number of greatContinue reading “The Good Place. Series Finale. “Whenever Your Ready.” Review + Retrospective.”