Cherry. (Apple TV Plus) The Culmination of a Bizarre Hollywood Journey.

The Russo brothers have a very strange career trajectory. The high points are certainly good enough to maintain interest in whatever their next project might be. They started as an unremarkable feature directing mainly focused on mediocre comedy. Then they struck gold by directing a random sitcom pilot that would eventually become the brilliant CommunityContinue reading “Cherry. (Apple TV Plus) The Culmination of a Bizarre Hollywood Journey.”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews #20. Extraction. (Netflix)

The Raid but more notably the John Wick films put new focus on the stunt craft focused action sub-genre. These are the films that may have R-rated levels of gore and violence but are much more focused on the construction of extended action sequences and set pieces that’s a key part of the   marketing strategy regardless of plot orContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews #20. Extraction. (Netflix)”