Top Gun: Maverick Is What The Big Screen Was Built For.

The original Top Gun is a perfect example of a film that will go down to a certain established audience ( mostly dads) as an undeniable classic. Others will see it as a concentrated blast of 80s machismo. The hilariously obvious homoeroticism on display is the only thing that can ever be considered timeless. YetContinue reading “Top Gun: Maverick Is What The Big Screen Was Built For.”

Cleaning Out My Film Rentals. #2 Lucy In The Sky (2019.)

Do you ever get that feeling of disappointment when someone you admire makes it makes a universally paned piece of media but realistically as a follow-up of their previous work you should have seen it coming. That is how I felt about   Noah Hawley’s Natalie Portman starring feature directorial debut Lucy In the Sky. OnContinue reading “Cleaning Out My Film Rentals. #2 Lucy In The Sky (2019.)”

Richard Jewell. Paragraph Review

I found the previous two Clint Eastwood films a little bit hard to stomach. 15:17 to Paris is one of the most awkward and misjudged films I have ever had the displeasure of seeing (especially given that I saw it in cinemas.) The Mule was much better and Eastwood is always very watchable when actingContinue reading “Richard Jewell. Paragraph Review”