Lockdown Streaming Reviews #9. Better Call Saul. Season 5. (Netflix/AMC) Suggestive Spoilers

The Breaking Bad universe has been home to some of the best long form storytelling of recent memory with Vince Gilligan and his team putting together some of the most compelling TV ever made. Looking at Better Call Saul specifically well it started off very solid over the previous two seasons especially things have reallyContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews #9. Better Call Saul. Season 5. (Netflix/AMC) Suggestive Spoilers”

El Camino. A Breaking Bad Movie. Review.

If you ask me who the best showrunner currently we working in TV is is my easy first answer would be Vince Gilligan There are few other showrunners that I think have supreme talent but we need to see how they follow up the critical acclaim once the series they are known for comes toContinue reading “El Camino. A Breaking Bad Movie. Review.”