The Trial Of The Chicago Seven. Review.

This reviewer has always considered Aaron Sorkin’s style an incredibly acquired taste. It has an audience but his incredibly fast-talking thorny and yet incredibly quippy writing style a bit of an indulgence. That is very much true with his second featurette as director. This courtroom drama focusing on the case of seven people tried forContinue reading “The Trial Of The Chicago Seven. Review.”

Project Power Review

Have you ever seen a film where one-story decision tanks any interest viewers might have had in a potentially fantastic concept? Netflix latest attempt at a blockbuster is a prime example. After an opening scene establishing the arrival of a new drug in near future New Orleans that gives those that take it superpowers forContinue reading “Project Power Review”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #24 7500 (Amazon.)

Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a Co-pilot on a Paris to Berlin flight who is thrust into danger when his plane is hijacked by terrorists in this recently released Amazon Original. it’s great to see Levitt back on screen. The film does possess solid sequences of tension and generally doesn’t overstay its welcome at a veryContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #24 7500 (Amazon.)”