Ozark. Season 4. Part 2. A Frustrating Finish.

Note. Although this doesn’t include any direct spoilers it might be best to turn around until readers have seen the ending.No beating around the bush with this one. You can check out this blog’s previous Ozark reviews if you want this author’s thoughts on Season 4 Part 1 All the cards looked in place forContinue reading “Ozark. Season 4. Part 2. A Frustrating Finish.”

Ozark. Season 4. Part 1. Quick Review. Sugestive Spoilers

Here is another case of returning to a show having covered a previous season. The decision to cover season three of Ozark when it was released was due to its massive leap upwards in terms of quality. This is somewhat unprecedented in the streaming era ( Especially on Netflix.) Two more seasons given this author’sContinue reading “Ozark. Season 4. Part 1. Quick Review. Sugestive Spoilers”

Cleaning out my Film Rentals. #4 The Assistant.

Julia Garner stars in this highly effective psychological drama as an office assistant working for a powerful New York based film producer. We see central character Jane doing several remedial tasks around the office and picking up several items that suggest systemic abuse of power on behalf of the producer (who is discussed but neverContinue reading “Cleaning out my Film Rentals. #4 The Assistant.”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #16 Ozark Season 3 (Netflix)

Certain viewers would count Ozark as among the best shows on Netflix. I can’t say I’m one of them based on the first two seasons. They were aggressively “fine.” Well-acted and engaging with Julia Garner delivering one of the best breakout performances of the past several years but also very indebted to the clichés of its subgenre (crime drama with familyContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #16 Ozark Season 3 (Netflix)”