The Good Place. Series Finale. “Whenever Your Ready.” Review + Retrospective.

Note. This is a full spoilers review/recap I have an odd relationship with The Good Place. The first two seasons I absolutely adore. Incredibly tight plotting combined with great writing,fantastic characters and performances made for some of the best TV comedy of recent years. Then Season 3 happened. Season 3 has any number of greatContinue reading “The Good Place. Series Finale. “Whenever Your Ready.” Review + Retrospective.”

Frozen 2. Review

It’s important to remember that when the first Frozen was released no one expected anything from it. It quickly became the massive of world conquering force we know it as now. I’ve always loved it and I’m not going to apologise for that. So obviously I was incredibly excited to take in the first screeningContinue reading “Frozen 2. Review”