Happiest Season. Quick Review

This LGBTQ Christmas movie directed by actress Clea DvVall has won a surprising amount of acclaim since it debuted on Hulu in the US last month. Having seen it it’s not hard to see why. Kristen Stuart agrees to spend the Holidays with the parents of partner Mackenzie Davis not realizing that Davis has notContinue reading “Happiest Season. Quick Review”

Underwater. Paragraph Review

Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel and TJ Miller star in this solidly atmospheric but very generic Friday night fodder. The film gets straight down to business at 95 minutes long but for all the sequences that do work it is one of the most generic Alien rip offs you will ever see. This is to theContinue reading “Underwater. Paragraph Review”

Seeberg. Paragraph Review.

Kristen Stewart plays French new wave actress Jean Seberg in this dramatization of how she became a victim of illegal monitoring by the FBI after becoming involved in of the Black Power movement of the late 1960s. Stewart is pretty solid in the title role it’s just a shame that the characters and script aroundContinue reading “Seeberg. Paragraph Review.”

Charlies Angels (2019.) Review

The new Charlie’s Angels (it’s third now failed attempt at a reboot)has good intentions. It’s aiming to give a franchise previously known are having a definite male gaze angle a fresh and empowering face lift while providing a solid action movie for general audiences. Much and I do enjoy the first two Pitch Perfect filmsContinue reading “Charlies Angels (2019.) Review”