John Wick: Chapter 4. Review.

Full disclosure. This author is a confessed huge fan of the John Wick franchise. That said much as he would argue all the previous films are all great the two initial sequels are a little bit heavy only slightly obtuse lore of the assassins and Continental visitors coming after our monosyllabic antihero. Given the directionContinue reading “John Wick: Chapter 4. Review.”

Resident Evil(Netflix Live Action ) Review. (Mild Spoilers.)

When one has no attachment to the source material and has not seen any other incarnation of it across various media how do you treat something from a reputable franchise becoming the new internet punching bag? This sort of thing where every critic is in a rare to the bottom in an attempt to comeContinue reading “Resident Evil(Netflix Live Action ) Review. (Mild Spoilers.)”

Godzilla VS Kong. Review.

Legendary Entertainments so-called Monsterverse is one of those franchises that has occurred between periods of this writer keeping consistently updated blogs. He has seen the three films the lead up to this crossover between the giant radioactive lizard and enormous Skull Island dwelling ape. This series has had some good moments but never lived upContinue reading “Godzilla VS Kong. Review.”