Morbius. Quick Review. (Spoilers)

Let’s get this one out of the way. Sony’s ill-conceived “Spider-Man without Spider-Man” universe continues with a film that’s been sitting on the shelf since pre-pandemic times. Its lead actor is fresh off giving one of the worst performances in recent memory in House Of Gucci as well as being a general easy target/Hollywood punchingContinue reading “Morbius. Quick Review. (Spoilers)”

Official Secrets. Paragraph Review.

A strong British cast star in this very solid but extremely televisual drama dramatising the case of Iraq war Whistleblower Catherine Gunn (Keira Knightley.) and some of the journalist who took on her story (led by Matt Smith.) A solid and engaging script make up to the fact it looks like a 9 p.m. ITVContinue reading “Official Secrets. Paragraph Review.”