A Journal for Jordan. Quick Review.

Welcome to the first truly baffling film of 2022. In his latest feature as director, Denzel Washington effectively attempts to resurrect the Hollywood ghost of Nicholas Sparks adaptations in this screen incarnation of a true story. Throughout several tours of Iraq First Sargent Charles Monroe King (Michal B Jordan kept a journal of life andContinue reading “A Journal for Jordan. Quick Review.”

Space Jam : A New Legacy. Novelty That Works For No One.

There’s a sense of organic magnetism to the original Space Jam. It’s the kind of truly bizarre marketing man fever dream conceived between lines of cocaine that could only exist in 1996. It’s not good in any way but also the kind of bizarre artefact that is hard to ignore once seen. 25 years laterContinue reading “Space Jam : A New Legacy. Novelty That Works For No One.”

Just Mercy. Paragraph Review

Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx give good performances in what is otherwise a fairly standard Oscar bait drama. It’s one of those films that does have powerful moments and it’s power overall depends on how many of these types of injustice dramas you have seen but I spent most of the running time thinkingContinue reading “Just Mercy. Paragraph Review”