Ron’s Gone Wrong. Quick Review

What makes a new animation studio stand out? That was the question this viewer was asking himself when watching Rons Gone Wrong. This is the first effort for London based animation studio locksmith. What the creative team have come up with is a fairly standard technology/ AI influenced comedy. Sat in a vaguely non-specific nearContinue reading “Ron’s Gone Wrong. Quick Review”

The Mitchell’s vs The Machines Shows the Universality of Great Family Entertainment.

As an adult viewer, I often get asked why my favourite film medium is animation. It’s simple really. Animation allows fiercely creative individuals to potentially create something that is both wonderfully artistic and potentially universal in its appeal. There’s no better feeling in the media viewing world. The Netflix pandemic acquisition (from Columbia and SonyContinue reading “The Mitchell’s vs The Machines Shows the Universality of Great Family Entertainment.”

The Crown Season 4.The Ethics of Crafting Compelling Drama.

The multi-award-winning stage adaptation of Billy Elliot remains the kind of crossover hit hardly seen in the theatre world. Running for ten years in London’s West End with numerous ongoing international productions. (in a normal non-Covid world.) Its story might be fictional but it is set against the real backdrop of the 1984-85 miners strike.Continue reading “The Crown Season 4.The Ethics of Crafting Compelling Drama.”

The Lost Review. The Crown. Season Three.

This critic like millions of others around the world was very surprised when he discovered just how engaging the first two seasons of The Crown are .that said this initial review for season three was written last year and then the file promptly disappeared into his archive Thus this writer had always considered it oneContinue reading “The Lost Review. The Crown. Season Three.”