Disney + Premier Access in Cinemas. #1. Cruella.

Modern Disney live-action remakes have developed a distinct formula. Stale, bland and without much sense of creative energy. These productions make money on birthright alone. For the opening act Cruella, a period piece origin story for Cruella de Vil set in a punk rock 1970s London looks like it’s following the predetermined path to aContinue reading “Disney + Premier Access in Cinemas. #1. Cruella.”

Songbird. Mercenary Filmmaking Attitude+ COVID+ Backlash = Free Publicity

On 29 October 2020, a trailer was released that made a large section of “film Twitter” completely lose their minds. This trailer was for Songbird. Produced by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes it was a dystopian post-apocalyptic COVID thriller conceived short and released while the pandemic is still sweeping the world. There were endless hot takesContinue reading “Songbird. Mercenary Filmmaking Attitude+ COVID+ Backlash = Free Publicity”

Richard Jewell. Paragraph Review

I found the previous two Clint Eastwood films a little bit hard to stomach. 15:17 to Paris is one of the most awkward and misjudged films I have ever had the displeasure of seeing (especially given that I saw it in cinemas.) The Mule was much better and Eastwood is always very watchable when actingContinue reading “Richard Jewell. Paragraph Review”