Bodies,Bodies,Bodies. Quick Review

OK. Let’s rip this plaster off. This writer has often shown his contempt towards those online film pundits who treat the very mere presence of the A24 logo as some sort of Messiah complex. This came up a little bit earlier in the year with Alex garland’s disastrous men but here it is crystallised atContinue reading “Bodies,Bodies,Bodies. Quick Review”

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses. What?

What if this writer told you that as part of the 20th-anniversary celebrations for the Philosopher’s Stone film that was a bizarro world Harry Potter quiz show. Hosted by Helen Mirren of all people. Seeming the only British actress of the time who was not in the films. Proceedings have a decidedly American focus withContinue reading “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses. What?”

The King of Staten Island. Quick Review

Pete Davidson stars in this partially autobiographical slice of life slacker comedy from Judd Apatow. This viewer/ critic wasn’t overly familiar with Davidson outside of his connection to Ariana Grande before watching the film which is a good showcase for his comedic talent. Like all Judd Apatow directional effort, the narrative feels far too shaggyContinue reading “The King of Staten Island. Quick Review”