Lightyear. More Interesting For What It Isn’t.  

As a confessed die-hard Pixar fan on paper, it was great to finally see them back in cinemas. The joy of seeing that little bouncing lamp on the screen was designed to bring this viewer a pang of joy like few other media-related events in 2022. One just wishes it had been with a distinctlyContinue reading “Lightyear. More Interesting For What It Isn’t.  “

Toy Story In Concert. Edinburgh (Usher Hall.) Review.

In the age of Disney +, the entire Pixar canon is available at the push of a button for nothing more than the cost of a subscription. This doesn’t account for the viewers that still have physical media collections. Some (including this writer) still treasure them in the age of continued streaming dominance. What willContinue reading “Toy Story In Concert. Edinburgh (Usher Hall.) Review.”

The Pixar Pedestal+ Luca Review

The work of Pixar Animation Studios is one of this writer’s great passions. Very few would argue with the run of Golden age classics. These run roughly between the releases of Toy Story (1995) and Toy Story 3 (2010 ( depending on how individuals feel about the original Cars.) Since then Viewers will acknowledge theyContinue reading “The Pixar Pedestal+ Luca Review”

Pixar Popcorn. (Disney +) Quick Review.

The die-hard Pixar fan within this critic is a little disappointed that the last two Pixar theatrical releases ( Toy Story 4 and Onward) did not come with an in house theatrical short. The Simsons: Playdate With Destiney doesn’t count. These have become such a staple of the studio’s output for decades. . This viewerContinue reading “Pixar Popcorn. (Disney +) Quick Review.”

The Drive In Cinema, Aberdeen (Toy Story.) Review.

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in film and media junkies plumbing the depths of whatever streaming services are available both for new films and old favourites. One thing that has been discussed in certain circles is the re-emergence of drive in screenings. Outside of Christmas events drive ins are not really a thing in theContinue reading “The Drive In Cinema, Aberdeen (Toy Story.) Review.”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews #4. A Celebration of The Music of Coco. (Disney +.)

On paper it makes sense that a film celebrating Mexican music and culture would get a concert film/ special. Then you remember that part of what makes the examination of these themes in the film so effective is that despite the bright colours and visually stunning animation it’s a very down beat story about theContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews #4. A Celebration of The Music of Coco. (Disney +.)”

Onward. Movie Review.

Even as a die-hard Pixar fan the outlook for Onward did not look great. The trailers were incredibly mediocre, and the film had the feeling of being snuck into theatres with substantially less marketing money spent on it then the traditional Pixar film.  Obviously as a die-hard fan I would be excited for anything tContinue reading “Onward. Movie Review.”