Venom. Let There Be Carnage. Quick Review.

The first Tom Hardy Venom is a huge guilty pleasure for this writer. A delightfully atrocious throwback to an age where comic book movies were the punch lines of Hollywood. Critically the final product came across as being made by a creative team unaware of the product they were unleashing on the world. Scenes likeContinue reading “Venom. Let There Be Carnage. Quick Review.”

Cats and Dogs 3. Paws Unite. Movie Review

Hey folks, do you know Warner Brothers thought it was a good idea to make another Cats and Dogs sequel and release it direct to video nine years after the last theatrical entry. Better yet this film is now in the majority of UK multiplex’s that have remained open thanks to Warner Brothers UK complyingContinue reading “Cats and Dogs 3. Paws Unite. Movie Review”