The Night House. Quick Review.

In terms of recent horror releases NiaDaCostas spiritual Candyman sequel is the film that has got all the buzz and platforms as of recently This watcher wanted to flag up a better film that is not getting the platform it deserves. The Night House is a slice of modern supernatural horror starring Rebecca Hall. SheContinue reading “The Night House. Quick Review.”

Godzilla VS Kong. Review.

Legendary Entertainments so-called Monsterverse is one of those franchises that has occurred between periods of this writer keeping consistently updated blogs. He has seen the three films the lead up to this crossover between the giant radioactive lizard and enormous Skull Island dwelling ape. This series has had some good moments but never lived upContinue reading “Godzilla VS Kong. Review.”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #11. Tales from The Loop. (Amazon Prime.)

Amazons experimental streak when commissioning Originals continues with this incredibly low key eight-episode sci-fi anthology based on Simon Stalenhag artwork. All the stories have some form of connection and character overlap with the central premise  being (as Jonathan Price tells the audience  at the start of the show) that all of this is taking placeContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #11. Tales from The Loop. (Amazon Prime.)”