Attack of the Hollywood Clichés. Quick Review.

Rob Lowe hosts this random Netflix comedy special, aiming at the myriad of Hollywood cliches in modern cinema. A production like this is the very definition of mildly entertaining. A surprisingly robust list of star names,# Film Twitter pundits and behind the camera talent go on a whistle-stop tour of some well-known film making tropesContinue reading “Attack of the Hollywood Clichés. Quick Review.”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews #20. Extraction. (Netflix)

The Raid but more notably the John Wick films put new focus on the stunt craft focused action sub-genre. These are the films that may have R-rated levels of gore and violence but are much more focused on the construction of extended action sequences and set pieces that’s a key part of the   marketing strategy regardless of plot orContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews #20. Extraction. (Netflix)”