Nine Perfect Strangers. Episodes 1-3 Review.

This viewer will admit to not being overly familiar with David E Kelly’s pre-Big Little Lies creative CV. It comes from an era before this watcher was viewing a lot of prestigious TV. Having covered a lot of his post-Big Little Lies work Kelly’s MO in 2021 has become staggeringly obvious. Take a basic airportContinue reading “Nine Perfect Strangers. Episodes 1-3 Review.”

100% Wolf .Review

Here is another release that has benefited from the opportunistic UK distributors taking the chance in putting out smaller films in cinemas desperate for any new content. A mid-budget Australian animation focusing on the central boy in a pack of werewolves who after a series of events gets transformed into a poodle. Featuring a seriesContinue reading “100% Wolf .Review”

Ready or Not. Paragraph Movie Review.

Samara Weaving is the new bride forced to play a deadly game of hide and seek with her rich new relatives in this enormously enjoyable satirical horror. A sharp script, effective fore, some great set pieces, a central performance from a clear star in the making and a 95 minute run time come together toContinue reading “Ready or Not. Paragraph Movie Review.”