Run. Review. The Representation/Authenticity Question

In 2018 director Aneesh Chaganty burst onto this critics watch list of talents worth keeping an eye on thanks to his debut feature Searching. This was easily the best in the brief trend of movies taking place entirely from the perspective of various modern technology. Chaganty was able to compose a compelling thriller using theContinue reading “Run. Review. The Representation/Authenticity Question”

Abominable. Movie Review.

One of my stupid claims to fame as a theatrical animation fan is seeing every DreamWorks and Pixar film in theatres for the last 15 years. DreamWorks have a few spectacular highs (especially the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy) but at their worst they can make you as a viewer seem stupider for watchingContinue reading “Abominable. Movie Review.”

The Goldfinch. Movie Review.

I mentioned in my review of The Farewell how buzz from film festivals can effect desire to see a film as soon as possible for those us that can’t attend these festivals. It can also go the other way. This was the case with The Goldfinch a two-and-a-half hour drama based on a 700 pageContinue reading “The Goldfinch. Movie Review.”