Possessor (Uncut.) Review.

No beating around the bush with this one. For fans of extreme cinema, Brandon Cronenberg second feature is an absolute joy. Starring Andrea Riseborough as a body-swapping assassin it’s a gloriously gory, unbelievably stylish splatterfest that represents all the core elements of solid genre film making in 2020. There’s just enough substance in the coreContinue reading “Possessor (Uncut.) Review.”

WolfWalkers. The Film Of The Year for 2020.

Sometimes a viewer can come across a film that hits their joy receptors perfectly regardless of other factors. WolfWalkers from Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon is that film for 2020 in this reviews eyes. Cartoon Saloon has been on the fringes of breaking through into the mainstream animated sphere since they first appeared in 2009.Continue reading “WolfWalkers. The Film Of The Year for 2020.”