My Spy. Paragraph Review.

Do you want to see a family comedy that feels directly imported from 2005? Dave Batista and Chloe Coleman (one of the children from Big Little Lies) are here to provide exactly that in this very standard “buff action star has to look after children” comedy. That description may seem a little bit harsh, butContinue reading “My Spy. Paragraph Review.”

Spycies. Paragraph Review.

On one level this English dubbed Chinese/French secret agent animation is exactly what you would expect. It’s clearly ripping off Disney’s Zootopia and Spies in Disguise with grating voicework and the general sense that you could be watching the genuine article as opposed to this theatrically released rip-off that was released in hopes of aContinue reading “Spycies. Paragraph Review.”

Spies in Disguise. Movie Review.

For an animation studio with such a large back catalogue it’s sad to say that Blue Sky have been the poster child for a mainstream animated mediocrity for most of that time (despite a few gems.) I suspect that the Disney/Fox deal does not bode well for their prospects in the long term. For theContinue reading “Spies in Disguise. Movie Review.”