How to Build a Girl. The Worst Film of 2020.

In the age of streaming it is never a good sign when distributors haven’t bothered to take the original studio logos (in this case Lionsgate) of what has been sold as a streaming “original.” This is the case with How to Build a Girl A completely rancid self-insert autobiographical “comedy” penned by British journalist Caitlin Moran Continue reading “How to Build a Girl. The Worst Film of 2020.”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #21 Dating Amber. (Amazon.)

On the surface it would be very easy to look at Amazon’s acquisition of this Irish LGBTQ comedy as a blatant attempt to cash in on the Normal People hype. This is especially apparent given that it stars Finn O’Shea (who played Jamie) and got a very enthusiastic reaction from Paul Mescal on Twitter. Having seen it despite theContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #21 Dating Amber. (Amazon.)”

Military Wives. Movie Review.

On the one hand it would be easy to look at this heavily fictionalised account of the first Military Wives Choir (Gareth Malone is not even mentioned beyond some text prior to the end credits) and see a film that  was put together by a robot after analysing data from pretty much every British crowdpleaserContinue reading “Military Wives. Movie Review.”