His Dark Materials. (BBC/HBO) Season 2. Review.

This critic is now getting to the point with this blog where he is covering new seasons of previously reviewed shows. His thoughts on season one as a fan of the franchise are easily available. With some of the choices made folding in material from later on in the source material throughout the first seasonContinue reading “His Dark Materials. (BBC/HBO) Season 2. Review.”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #21 Dating Amber. (Amazon.)

On the surface it would be very easy to look at Amazon’s acquisition of this Irish LGBTQ comedy as a blatant attempt to cash in on the Normal People hype. This is especially apparent given that it stars Finn O’Shea (who played Jamie) and got a very enthusiastic reaction from Paul Mescal on Twitter. Having seen it despite theContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #21 Dating Amber. (Amazon.)”