Do Revenge. Quick Review.

All you need to know about Do Revenge is this. After a sex tape leak In the opening scene, the central character (played by Riverdales Camila Mendes) conveys a speech that feels like it could be delivered by Veronica Sawyer. Behind this, the intro to Olivia Rodrigo‚Äôs brutal is specifically timed so that the smashContinue reading “Do Revenge. Quick Review.”

WTF is Quibi. The Strangest Entrant in the Streaming Wars.

Quibi is a $1.75 billion short form streaming service founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg (whose career needs no Introduction if you’re a fan of film and especially animation) and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman. The basic idea is to essentially take the template used by viral quiz app HQ Trivia itself the brainchild of former vineContinue reading “WTF is Quibi. The Strangest Entrant in the Streaming Wars.”