Back to the Cinema. #5. The Broken Hearts Gallery.

The Kay Cannon   comedy Blockers is one of the better studio efforts of recent memory. one of its breakout stars    Geraldine Viswanathan teams up with  Dacre Montgomery (Billy from Stranger Things) in this charming  romantic comedy from writer/director Natalie Kinsey. It follows the central character Lucy as she sets up an art exhibition compiled ofContinue reading “Back to the Cinema. #5. The Broken Hearts Gallery.”

Cleaning Out my Film Rentals. #6. Misbehaviour.

This dramatization of the controversy surrounding the Miss World 1970 pageant is a very odd beast. On the one hand it wants to be the kind of crowd-pleasing British comedy that seems dime a dozen with Keira Knightley as the outsider joining the plucky and passionate early days of the Women’s Liberation movement. On the other hand, it wants to focus on howContinue reading “Cleaning Out my Film Rentals. #6. Misbehaviour.”