Cleaning Out My Film Rentals. #3 Countdown.

I remember seeing the hilariously stupid trailer for Countdown in front of a screening of Hustlers. When the tagline ” Death. There’s an App For That” appeared on screen I couldn’t help but laugh.  You can picture the studio executives with dollar signs in their eyes as they green light a movie about a killerContinue reading “Cleaning Out My Film Rentals. #3 Countdown.”

The Last Black Man in San Francisco. Paragraph Review.

A man and his friend take over a house that belonged to his grandparents after it gets vacated in this engaging character drama that’s one of the more accessible films in the A24 library. It’s fairly low stakes for most of it run time but but it’s well performed by a solid cast. In itsContinue reading “The Last Black Man in San Francisco. Paragraph Review.”