A Man Called Otto. Review.

Everyone has those trailers that get out under their skin if they see them enough times. Throughout the winter of 2022, the prime contender for this dubious award in this writer’s view was A Man Called Otto. The Tom Hanks remake of the successful Swedish film A Man Called Ove. Having not seen the originalContinue reading “A Man Called Otto. Review.”

Elvis. (2022) Quick Review.

Stylistically Baz Lurman has those who will be automatic easy marks for his style over substance approach. There’s also a sizable section of viewers that will reach for the proverbial vomit bucket as soon as they see his name on a poster. Well, this reviewer would definitively plant himself in neither he will admit toContinue reading “Elvis. (2022) Quick Review.”

Toy Story In Concert. Edinburgh (Usher Hall.) Review.

In the age of Disney +, the entire Pixar canon is available at the push of a button for nothing more than the cost of a subscription. This doesn’t account for the viewers that still have physical media collections. Some (including this writer) still treasure them in the age of continued streaming dominance. What willContinue reading “Toy Story In Concert. Edinburgh (Usher Hall.) Review.”

Greyhound. The Poster Child for the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending Your Movie Straight to Streaming.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the theatrical release schedule has essentially evaporated for 2020. Certain films have taken the plunge in either adopting a Premium Video on Demand release strategy or being sold as a with subscription streaming exclusive for a particular platform. One of the highest-profile examples in the latter category isContinue reading “Greyhound. The Poster Child for the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending Your Movie Straight to Streaming.”

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Paragraph Review.

Mr Rogers was never something that crossed over in the UK (as far as I know.) I’m aware are of who he was and his show via cultural osmosis.Nevertheless this acclaimed dramatisation loosely based on on the relationship between between Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks) and a cynical magazine journalist (Matthew Rhys) was a very strangeContinue reading “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Paragraph Review.”