Spirited. (Apple TV +) Review.

Hollywood comedy hack director Sean Anders was out of absolute nowhere responsible for the rather lovely Mark Wahlberg fostering comedy Instant Family. This is the lead example this viewer also always comes back to where any discussion of truly unexpected upward quality anomalies within directors who you had previously written off come up. it wasContinue reading “Spirited. (Apple TV +) Review.”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #22. Eurovision Song Contest. The Story of Fire Saga. (Netflix.)

Will Ferrell has his fair share of solid films and classic characters but the majority of output from him and his production company in the 2010s has been complete garbage with Get Hard and Holmes and Watson claiming top prize for most worthless Ferrell effort. Now he teams up with Rachel McAdams for that rare Ferrell filmContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #22. Eurovision Song Contest. The Story of Fire Saga. (Netflix.)”

Downhill. Paragraph Review.

Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus star this American remake of the acclaimed Swedish film Force Majeure (which I have not seen.) It’s one of the most tonally all over the place things I have seen in quite some time. A very unfunny script wants to fuse a family dramedy with elements of high melodrama inContinue reading “Downhill. Paragraph Review.”