America. The Motion Picture. (Netflix) Review

In 2008 Seth MacFarlane released several embarrassingly inept animated shorts as a web series. These came with massive sponsorship deals. They remain some of the worst things internet video as a medium has to offer. MacFarlane’s so-called “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy” were essentially the most gross-out skits he and his team could think of. HeContinue reading “America. The Motion Picture. (Netflix) Review”

Sweet Tooth. (Netflix.) Review.

Let’s be honest. Most big-budget Netflix shows are unbelievably mediocre. They have some gems ( Mindhunter, GLOW, Daredevil The Dragon Prince, Sex Education S2). Stranger Things remains strong. The Lost In Space remake is mostly fun. They gave A Series of Unfortunate Events the adaptation it deserves. Entertaining trash (YOU) Some stuff that well fineContinue reading “Sweet Tooth. (Netflix.) Review.”

Scoob. Movie Review

The initial theatrical trailers for the latest attempt to bring Scooby-Doo back to the big screen looked rather promising. Then the pandemic hit, and the film was one of the first shuffled off the theatrical schedule and released as a premium VOD rental. This was irritating for viewers like this writer who was keen toContinue reading “Scoob. Movie Review”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #10 The Willoughbys (Netflix.)

With Klaus and I Lost My Body receiving Oscar nominations last year Netflix established itself as a big player in the future animation game. The next big feature animated offering is The Willoughbys a story about four children who decide to orphan themselves to escape their cartoonishly evil parents. Think the darker side of RoaldContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #10 The Willoughbys (Netflix.)”

WTF is Quibi. The Strangest Entrant in the Streaming Wars.

Quibi is a $1.75 billion short form streaming service founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg (whose career needs no Introduction if you’re a fan of film and especially animation) and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman. The basic idea is to essentially take the template used by viral quiz app HQ Trivia itself the brainchild of former vineContinue reading “WTF is Quibi. The Strangest Entrant in the Streaming Wars.”