Dark Waters. Paragraph Review.

Mark Ruffalo play lawyer Rob Bilott in this biographical drama focusing on his fight for justice against chemical giant Dupont. The film is very effective and solid when it focuses on Bilott and the case he builds against the poisonous chemical company. Ruffalo delivers a reliably solid central performance. The sections that don’t focus directlyContinue reading “Dark Waters. Paragraph Review.”

The Good Place. Series Finale. “Whenever Your Ready.” Review + Retrospective.

Note. This is a full spoilers review/recap I have an odd relationship with The Good Place. The first two seasons I absolutely adore. Incredibly tight plotting combined with great writing,fantastic characters and performances made for some of the best TV comedy of recent years. Then Season 3 happened. Season 3 has any number of greatContinue reading “The Good Place. Series Finale. “Whenever Your Ready.” Review + Retrospective.”