Bo Burnham. The Inside Outtakes. Review/Impressions.

This viewer has been a fan of Bo Burnham for years. However, because there tends to be such a large gap between solo projects the release of Inside last year with the first time he got any coverage on this blog specifically. For the first anniversary of the piece’s release, Burnham put together a selectionContinue reading “Bo Burnham. The Inside Outtakes. Review/Impressions.”

Live From The Space Stage: A HALYX Story. (Defunctland.) Review.

Of the thousands of YouTube channels in the video essay/documentary scene Defunctland  is one of the best around.  Created by Kevin Perjurer and focusing on defunct theme park attractions and pop culture as well as a side series focusing on the runs of culturally important children’s TV shows.  The creative team behind the channel takeContinue reading “Live From The Space Stage: A HALYX Story. (Defunctland.) Review.”