Michael McIntyre. Cultivating a Target Audience +Showman (Netflix) Review

To a certain audience Michael McIntyre will be the punching bag Of British comedy alternating with the wholly deserved reputation for anyone outside it’s fanbase for Mrs. Brown’s Boys.) A comedian who represents everything wrong with the success driven model of modern stand up. Someone who’s material has not evolved since he burst onto the scene in 2007 but regardless, he is one of the most successful British comedians in the world. Adored by millions of fans and so ingrained on the British prime time TV circuit that is his detractors will instantly change the channel when his face appears.

As a self-confessed McIntyre fan having seen him live four times (always on the lookout for his next tour)listened to his memoir on Audible, own all his shows on physical media  among other things his those that hate him  do you have something of a point. There has not been that much evolution in the kind of material that makes up one of his typical sets. A lot of mundane observational humour centred on family, daily living, or relationships with an aside of finding humour in travelling to various locations as one of the most famous comedians in the world. The thing is… he is particularly good at doing exactly the thing his fans love him for. Yes, the humour lacks any kind of edge, but it’s always delivered with an infectious energy that hardly seems to waver (both live and in his recorded output.)

This holds true in his first collaboration with Netflix. The new hour of material may carry the streamers distribution branding but if viewers have seen a McIntyre show before they know exactly what to expect. The opening 15 minutes are incredibly strong containing some of his funniest material ever, but the show quickly settles into a rhythm of providing consistent laughs that will keep McIntyre’s audience of millions happily satisfied. That is perfectly fine. The new routine is not going to give Bo Burnham’s Make Happy a run for its money, but it was never designed to. McIntyre and his team will come out with a new special in 1-2 years’ time In between myriad TV appearances and plenty of live dates. This will keep his fanbase (including this reviewer) satiated and engaged with his content much as several outlets may sneer at   just have successful his brand of comedy is.

Showman rating. 7/10

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