If These Walls Could Sing (Disney +) The Most Definitive “Nepo Babby” Project to Currently Exist

Discussion around industry nepotism has always existed from the moment one industry figure passes their resources knowledge and pool of contacts down to the next generation. As of 2022, it has morphed into the pretty effective social media shorthand “nepo baby” bolstered by online journalism on the topic. Inherently the mere concept of nepotism from a creative point of view is a very neutral thing. There will be those still putting in the work regardless of where they came from and those that will easily coast by on being related to someone famous. This author wanted to specifically spotlight this documentary however because it’s the most nailed-on “nepo baby” adjacent project that this viewer has ever seen. It’s Mary McCartney’s Disney streaming released puff piece documentary about the history of Abbey Road studios. it opens with McCartney delivering wistful narration as she walks the halls of the famous building along the lines of “HI. I’m Mary. As far as I can remember Abbey Road studios has always been part of my life.” If one immediate reaction to this is anything other than “OF COURSE IT HAS. You Marry McCartney” they frankly arent This writer is honestly not sure what else to say.

The McCartneys have prime access to the level of an insane level of star power for such a surface-level hagiography In some ways, this is worth a look just to see the murderer row of musical legends that have lined up for it. Elton John, John Williams, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Roger Watters and the Gallagher brothers are all here. Not to mention archival material from others. That’s not even mentioning Paul McCartney himself whose inclusion should be taken for granted. Even at 81 minutes the fact this thing is structured around a series of chaptered vignettes with roughly half-covering The Beatles and the remaining runtime for the sections dedicated to everything else feels better suited for short-form YouTube videos than a mid-level Disney streaming release.

Like a lot of material in this genre it’s digestible and easy to watch but deserves much greater focus and analysis than this nepotism-birthed project is interested in giving the world-famous location. one might get something out of it if they want to see some absurdly overqualified talking heads wax lyrical about something that to them will always be worth eulogising. That said beyond the absurdly nailed on nepotistic angle regarding the film’s existence Abbey Road deserves better documentary representation.


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