Jessica Jones. Season 3 Review.

The final Netflix/Marvel season to stagger over the finish line the final season of Jessica Jones arrived with a certain sense of obligation for viewers like me who had seen all 148 episodes of the Marvel Netflix universe across five individual shows and 12 individual Seasons. Despite how bad it got at certain points (i’m looking at you Iron Fist S1) the completest in me was far too stubborn to give up on this universe until Netflix did. The universes mass cancellation seems like the death rattle for the 13 episode Netflix modal. Considering I’d only give above average grades to 5 of the previous seasons (Daredevil seasons 1 and 3 remain a gold standard for R rated superhero media.) how did season 3 of Jessica Jones turn out.
Honestly well it’s not bad (and certainly better than season 2) the review that I’m about to give could be cut and pasted for the majority of previous Netflix/Marvel seasons.) As with all of these seasons it’s far too long with an inordinate amount of filler storylines and stuff that just fills time. Krysten Ritter is still absolutely sensational in the central role and thankfully there’s less time spent on her love life this season (the underwritten love interest from season 2 comes back for one episode this time around. Jeremy Bob is consistently strong as the villain and his scenes are consistently very engaging.
The season has two other major elements. The Hogarth plot was the worst element of last season and watching an actress of Carrie-Anne Moss’s talent be forced to mope around in the way that she was got borderline insufferable very quickly. While nothing special her plot this time around in which she meets a old frame and discovers that the flames husband is cheating is considerably better. Finally there’s Trish. Considering the show runners half-heated attempt at revealing her Hellcat powers in the season 2 finale I was expecting her plot this season to be absolutely horrendous. Don’t get me wrong it starts off that way.Her Krysten Ritter directed solo vigilante episode is easily the worst episode of the season. Her actual powers are never fully realised. Over the course of the season she becomes an anti-hero and her story becomes a lot more tolerable although like with Hogarth it’s never anything great.
Season 3 of Jessica Jones is a good indicator to the middling quality of the Netflix/Marvel endeavour as a whole. There’s probably a good to great 6 to 8 episodes season in here but this season requires that the typical 13 episode quota be filled. The series finale is stage (especially as a finale to the Netflix/Marvel Universe) closing off some threads but leaving some conspicuously open in a way that implies there could have been a fourth season had this entire venture not been cancelled. That said as someone who has seen all 161 episodes in this universe Daredevil was the only show no that was consistent across its entire run and beyond specific seasons of the other shows I think it’s the one that will have by far the longest legacy. If you ask me it was the general anti climbax of The Defenders miniseries that killed this universe off but that’s another piece entirely.

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