100% Wolf .Review

Here is another release that has benefited from the opportunistic UK distributors taking the chance in putting out smaller films in cinemas desperate for any new content. A mid-budget Australian animation focusing on the central boy in a pack of werewolves who after a series of events gets transformed into a poodle. Featuring a series of recognisable Australian voices (Samara Weaving, Jane Lynch, Jai Courtney Rhys Darby ) the film is a peak mid-2000s DreamWorks rip off. Transformation into a small animal plot, sad animals getting lost in the big city, plenty of fart jokes and toilet humour. Everything here proves that the filmmakers once saw Madagascar. The thing is that with those parameters taken into consideration the film is perfectly inoffensive and offers nothing to get particularly angry about unless viewers have an allergic reaction to trend-chasing mid-2000s animation. Belgian studio N Wave the are kings of this. There was something mildly comforting about going into a little promoted animated film completely blind and not discover something immediately grating. The film’s greatest crime is simply being derivative. It’s nothing worth seeking out or seeing theatrically during a global pandemic even if younger viewers are desperate for some new animated content but it was nowhere near the endurance test this writer initially feared..


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